Sustainability: Goals for
a Brighter Future

At Milliken, we strive to discover new ways to enhance lives and make the world around us easier, safer, and more beautiful. While we are proud of the environmental responsibility we have demonstrated throughout our history, we recognize the need for continuous evolution with goals that protect and improve our world. As a company, we have set a high bar for ourselves by publishing a set of measurable goals for 2025. These include Planet Goals to shrink our footprint, Product Goals to promote circular economies, and People Goals to care for our employees and communities.

2018 Milliken Corporate Sustainability Report

Planet Goals: Reducing Our Global Footprint

Our 2025 Planet Goals will reduce our global footprint in order to increase our global impact.

  • Reduce indexed greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and solid waste by 25%
  • ZERO waste to landfill
  • Increase renewable energy use 10X
  • ZERO environmental violations

Product Goals: Creating Circular Economies

Our 2025 Product goals will help to create circular economies through internal assessments and industry-wide collaborations.

  • Analyze new products launched using Life Cycle Analysis principles
  • Convene scientists and thought leaders to advance the goal of solving the plastics end-of-life challenge
  • People Goals: Caring for Communities

    Our 2025 People goals recognize that developing cutting-edge innovations begins with cared-for communities.

    • An inclusive associate community
    • ZERO lost time safety incidents
    • ZERO data privacy breaches
    • 100,000 volunteer hours in our communities

    Sharing Green Spaces

    Our environmental stewardship extends far beyond the footprint of our buildings. Our 600-acre campus in Spartanburg, which hosts our corporate headquarters, is one of the largest corporate green spaces in the southeast of the United States and is open to the public. A nationally recognized arboretum and horticultural testing ground, its attractions include open fields, groves and woods, fifteen decorative fountains, six ponds and more than 500 different trees and shrubs.

    Environmental Policy

    Milliken & Company is committed to operating our plants and facilities in complete compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and other requirements and to operate in a manner that protects the quality of our environment and the health and safety of our associates and the public.

    We are committed to strive for a goal of zero waste generation to all media - land, air, water - to be achieved by continual improvement in all of our operations. This goal will guide the conduct of our manufacturing operations, the development of new products, and our interaction with our suppliers and customers. Recycling of materials is an integral part of this on-going effort.

    We are committed to encouraging our families, our associates and our communities, through education and leadership, to conserve our natural resources and protect the environment in our daily lives.

    We reaffirm our commitment to work with local, state and federal authorities to develop effective environmental solutions that meet tests of practicality and feasibility.

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